Monday, 5 April 2010

Spring: A Tragedy for Party People and an Invasion of Floral Print

I have spent most of the past 2 days in stores and shopping malls, on a mission to find a dress for my friend to wear on her 21st birthday. It must have been the most frustrating time I have ever gone shopping. She wasn't the one who was frustrating me though, it was actually all the stores.

I love shopping, and I'm a firm believer of retail therapy, but this week's incident is making me reconsider the joys of shopping, or  rather the joys of shopping for party dresses. I am used to seeing 2 sections in stores, one would carry casual wear and the other would carry the more formal wear. This spring all I saw was this: all the stores were under occupation of floral print, with a few party dresses taken hostage.

I was very excited about nude colours being very in, but I barely saw items in those colours. I was literally stuck in what seemed like a massive, overgrown garden. We found 2 dresses at the most, in each store, that would be seen as acceptable to be worn to an evening event. It seemed like the designers of those stores had completely given up on their partying customers. Store after store we went looking for the perfect dress, and all we found were explosions of flowers on garments.

I don't mind trying new things, and am very open to trying out floral prints, but the amount of floral was ridiculous. I didn't see anything that I would personally pick up and try on. Most of the items looked like something you would buy while farming, so that you don't get your good clothes dirty.

This is my first fashion rant, and I'm hoping that as the season progresses, the collections will get better. But until then, I am going to boycott floral prints (until I finally give in and buy something floral).

Really though, to all the stores around Beirut: more nudes, more formal dresses, and a little less floral print. You know what they say, "less is more".

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