Saturday, 17 April 2010

Mission: Accomplished

I went on my hunt for a dress today, and I found one! It was in the store Fifth Avenue in Le Mall. There were so many beautiful dresses, and for all kinds of occasions. To me, the number of really nice dresses overcame the number of dresses that weren't so great, and that's hard to find these days. It's a great store for evening dresses, so if anyone has an occasion coming up, I really suggest Fifth Avenue.
I'm having my dress altered so I'll be posting pictures when it's ready.

Cream - Saifi Village

Before going to Le Mall, I went to Saifi Village. During the summer, I had heard about Cream, a really interesting boutique. I kept trying to find out where it was, never did find out, and forgot about it. Today, I finally found it thanks to a friend of mine who thought I'd be interested in the store. I absolutely loved it. I was in a rush, so I only looked at evening dresses, but I'm going back tomorrow morning to look around more. It was so colourful, I couldn't help but smile the entire time I was in there!

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