Sunday, 18 April 2010

Mission: Where to Shop

I had become accustomed to leaving all of my shopping for when I go back home. I usually travel back from Beirut, do all my shopping for the upcoming season, and come back. This year came as a shock to me, as I was not able to fly back home to do my spring shopping. Because of this, I am going on another mission.

One of the advantages of shopping back home is that I can shop with my mother, and therefore I did not really limit my purchases to essential pieces that can be worn more than once in different ways. So, when I tried shopping here on my own, it was a complete disaster. Over the next two days, I am going on Mission: Where to Shop. I am going to cover Hamra street and Saifi Village, in search of shops with items that university students like myself can make use of.

I will be looking for single affordable pieces that can be worn multiple times and can be manipulated into a number of different looks, along with looking for pieces that I feel are "must-haves". In short, my next two blog posts will be shopping guides for university students in Lebanon, suffering from the "shopping confusion" disease. I feel like somebody should take on this responsibility, and since I have gone through this disease and know how heartbreaking it can be for shopaholics, I am going to carry this responsibility.

Stay tuned for shopping updates, and a special blog post on Wednesday (details about this later).

"I don't do fashion, I am fashion."
- Coco Chanel

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