Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Floral Print: My Apology

Alright, so I might have been a little harsh about floral print in my previous post. Now that I’ve calmed down from my shopping disaster, I will take the time to fully explain my feelings towards this trend.

I realized that I wasn’t being completely fair after I had posted a poll about floral print on IFB. Most of the responses were positive ones regarding this trend, and one girl said that she was wearing a floral dress at the moment that she was replying. If so many people are interested in floral, then it can’t be half bad, right?

Now for my explanation: I enjoy floral print under certain conditions (no matter what, criticism must come out of me). If the print is big, then I don’t mind the floral being in bold colours against a darker background. If the print is small, though, I would rather the colours be more neutral and subtle. Here are a few examples of, in my personal opinion, the good and the bad of floral.

This dress is something I would wear. The floral print is big, the colours are very bold, and the background is dark. This, to me, is a great way to pull of floral. Forever 21

This is a little bit too much for me. I don't think I would ever pick something like this up. For me, it's too busy. The flowers are everywhere and there's a splatter of colours, it's a little too intense. H&M

This is what I like to call "boring floral". The print is small and almost blending into itself. The colours are dull and depressing. Other than the cut of the top, there is nothing at all appealing or flattering about it. This is a definite no when it comes to floral. H&M

This is an example of small print that I do like. The floral print is in very neutral colours, the background is a vibrant red, which dominates and overcomes the floral print, taming it even more. The belt is a great way to break the big solid block of pattern. All in all, a very cute dress. Forever 21

I don't particularly like this top. I feel that the colour is too bland, and the flowers are too sparsely scattered for the combination of print size and colour. There's just nothing that stands out to me about this top. Topshop

Now, this print on a skirt or even a day dress would look fantastic. Light colours against a white background, it's very fresh and a great way to wear floral. However, this combination of floral and vintage is not working out at all. For me, a shirt like that is in no need of that much pattern. One of them needs to go! Topshop

That would be my honest opinion about floral print. As I had expected, I did get sucked into the trend. Thankfully, though, it happened with limits.

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