Monday, 26 April 2010

Shoes - Never Enough

I decided to focus on shoes today, and this will somehow add to the Beirut shopping guide, as I am going to be telling you the place which I refer to as "shoe heaven".

It's gotten a bit to warm for boots now, and yet still a little too chilly for sandals, so what do we wear? The oh-so-cute "ballerina shoes" come in handy during this time of the year. Of course, one would want to stock up on them, and have them in just about every colour possible, right? Well, at Sport et Loisir in Verdun, I managed to get myself 3 very cute shoes for only LL 49,000 each (not on sale!). I also found a few cute ones next door in Bershka going for the same price. So if you need a pair, get down there as soon as possible! LL 49,000 as a starting price is definitely a great find. Here are some of the ones that I bought:

(Sport et Loisir)


Now for news that will excite those who, like me, enjoy reading fashion blogs. I am currently following 20+ fashion blogs, thanks to Bloglovin (seriously, a savior in the blogging world!), and have been marking down the number of times each blog has posted something that caught my interest. So, tomorrow I will be posting a list of my "Top Blogs", and I do recommend that everyone interested should check out the blogs that I am going to put up.

Finally, yesterday's outfit, let me know what you think!

Top: Zara
Shorts: New Look
Necklace: Henry's Handmade
Shoes: Sport et Loisir
Bracelet: Diva at Miss Selfridge

"Fashion is very important.
It is life enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure,
it is worth doing well." - Vivienne Westwood


Eleena said...

I can see the smile ! looks like it would have been a cute picture :P ! havent seen the bershka shoes yet, they look adorbale. I just added "find out what bloglovin is" to my to do list :P

Nagham said...

I love the silver flats! I have ones similar to those from Oasis, but I could use new ones. I also like the white flats from Bershka- will check those out today.

And your outfit is very nice- casual yet chic. I especially like necklace!

L.H. said...

Thanks Nagham!
I love that necklace, it's so funky. They're actually buttons that have been painted gold. Henry's Handmade always has some really unique things.

Eleena, find out what Bloglovin is!!!