Tuesday, 30 March 2010


For those who don’t already know, Topshop provides its customers with high street fashion at very affordable prices. They frequently have pieces designed for them by prestigious figures in the fashion industry. Topshop also collaborated with Kate Moss, making her a regular Topshop fashion designer. I didn’t used to like Topshop much, because the products we were receiving here in the Middle East were seasons behind. Now, however, Topshop in the Middle East is in synch with the stores in London, providing us with the latest fashions.

I adore Topshop now, and some of my favorite pieces are from there (including a jacket from the Kate Moss collection). So, I have decided to put up a couple of new pieces that I particularly liked, and thought everyone should have this spring. (Mind you, I am not one of those people who merely preach, I’m going try and get a hold of all these pieces myself!)

This babydoll dress came right on time for spring. It's fun, it flows, and it is nothing less than girly. I absolutely love it, labeling this a must have!

When I first looked at this dress, the candy pink was too much for me and the lace didn't mix in so well, in my opinion. For some reason, though, I now really want this dress. I feel like it could be pulled off both with and without a belt, and be worn both during the daytime and at night (depending on your accessories).

This dress is just plain cute. It follows this spring's colour code of pale and pastels, and has two little ribbons on it, what's not cute about it? It's the perfect every day dress that you can fall back on if you run out of things to wear. Also, because it's plain you can change the look up a lot by mixing and matching.

Sheer materials are back in fashion, and I am glad since I get another shot at trying to pull them off! This dress is very soft and feminine, the colour isn't too harsh, and it wraps so perfectly. Definitely something I'm going to try and get into my closet.

It is true, I'm giving in to the harem trousers. I was insanely against them, but I guess since their comeback they've started to grow on me. These are a cute pair, they're a nice dark grey and they're silk. I'm going to give them a shot.

I love vests, and this one looked unique to me. The colour is very earthy which will match perfectly with this springs pastels. It also seems like it would just drop into place once worn. I'm imagining wearing this over a cream coloured, short dress. Pretty!

Usually, if I were to tell you to match a cream coloured knit sweater with pearl accessories, you would naturally assume my target audience was aged 60+. BUT this sweater is an exception. It is so down to earth, and I'm already comfortable just looking at it through my monitor. Match this with pearls and cute jeans shorts, and you have a very cute outfit for this spring.

How do you try and get that "bad ass" look while still looking feminine? These shoes! Matched with a short black spring dress, this will keep you looking girly, but is kind enough to add a little edge to your look. Loving it.

I am hoping and praying that they included these in the shipments to the Middle East! I love gold, I love ribbons, and I adore charms, therefore making this the perfect bracelet for me. It looks like a lot of fun, meaning that if you were to wear it, you'd look like a lot of fun too. Thumbs up.

And of course, saving the best for last, my number one item on the list: Topshop's contribution to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. It's going for only £16, it's cute, and it has the FTBC logo on the inside, to remind you of how you helped out.

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