Friday, 19 March 2010

Fashion Week 2010

Fashion week is a highly anticipated event for millions around the world. Whether it’s those who wish to attend or those eagerly waiting at home to see what new shows and designers will be participating, and what new designs they have to offer.

While watching the runway is always exciting, I like to focus more on the attendees and what they are wearing for this exciting event. Though some of the attendees look absolutely breathtaking, a lot of them take fashion week as the time of year to take a risk with their fashion sense and shock the world with what they’re wearing. The questions is, was this shock one that made us say “absolutely brilliant” or a shock that simply made us utter “what is going on there?”

Let’s take a look at some of the attendees who, in my opinion, were dressed to be discussed!

Natalia Vodianova (Model) and Stella McCartney (Designer)

I absolutely love Natalia Vodianova's dress, and not just because it's Louis Vuitton. The red flatters her and it's just the right amount of "puff", unlike dresses that make one look like a giant marshmallow.
Stella McCartney looks great, as usual. Showing off her own design, the contrast of a busy halter dress and solid black at the bottom is perfect. Both are dressed perfectly for the Love Ball in London.

Abby Lee (Model) and Freja (Model)

Caught with bags in hand while leaving Fendi in Milan, these two ladies definitely get a thumbs up from me. If they can look this good on the streets, they without a doubt have a gift when it comes to fashion!

Susie Lau (Style Blogger)

I am personally a huge fan of Susie Lau's style. Her colourful and upbeat fashion sense can bring a smile to the faces of the grouchiest people alive. However, I was personally disappointed this time. Caught on the streets of London, Lau is in an adorable dress and funky leggings that fit perfectly with her shoes. I think that the blue socks and striped undershirt really took away from those three things, which I find to be the best pieces.

Rachel Zoe (Stylist)

Rachel Zoe, I feel, never disappoints when it comes to fashion. The hat, the dress, the purse, the necklaces, the simple sweater, and of course the shoes. In short, she looks fantastic walking around Milan.

Leigh Lezark (DJ)

I am actually undecided about this outfit. Leigh Lezark looked great throughout fashion week in New York, however I am unsure whether I like this ensemble or not. The silver top is beautiful, without a doubt. The jacket is great as well, I think the sharp angles are very interesting. It's the leggings that I don't like. I'm not a fan of ripped leggings, and they do suit her style, but I'm not sure if I wouldn't have preferred to see the same outfit with solid black leggings.

Charlize Theron (Actress)

Here are two things that could never go wrong. Charlize Theron, and Dior. The two combined create a result that doesn't even need to be talked about. As usual, Theron looks stunning, elegant, and plainly: breathtaking. The combination of a lace top and a blazer never fails to look amazing. A great way to turn heads while walking down the streets of Paris.

Kanye West (Rapper) and Amber Rose (Model)

Meanwhile, also in Paris, Kanye West looks sharp as always, but I can't honestly say the same about his girlfriend, Amber Rose. I don't know what to call that thing she's wearing, all I know is that it's gold, and it is in no way flattering. Rose has a beautiful face, but obviously a really bad taste when it comes to her clothes. You can't win them all, can you?

Marc Jacobs (Designer)

Last, but most definitely not least, the legendary Marc Jacobs in New York. I couldn't help but adore his outfit. If calf-grazing skirts are in, and he is designing some, then why not? Hands down, this is a definite YES in my book. A shock that made me say "".

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