Saturday, 27 March 2010

Who Wore It Best?

Even celebrities are faced with the biggest disaster when it comes to girls and fashion: wearing the same dress as someone else. Just because they’re famous, doesn’t mean they can avoid this problem. Same dress, different people… but who wore it best?

Jennifer Hudson (actress/singer) and Blake Lively (actress)

While both are in the same black stunning dress by Victoria Beckham, they don't both look equally as good in it. I personally prefer the dress on Lively, it fits perfectly on her body and gives off a soft and feminine vibe. Whereas on Hudson, it's a little bit too intense, she kind of seems like she's going to burst out of the dress. Comfort is the key to looking good, and Hudson looks anything but comfortable.

Lady Gaga (singer) and Christina Ricci (actress)

This Marc Jacobs dress looks like a piece of heaven sewn together into something wearable. It flows beautifully, and looks so light that it must feel like you're wearing nothing at all. Ricci pulls it off with class, matching it with her ruby red lips. While I must give Lady Gaga props for trying to make the dress look more unique and different, she didn't really succeed. She looks more like she just woke up recovering from the night before, which must have included a lot of salt, lemons, and tequila for her to look like that!

Paris Hilton (socialite) and Nicole Cammack (Big Brother housemate)

I never thought I would say this, but Hilton actually wears this Marc Jacobs dress very well. Cammack looks a tad too vulgar for my taste, but Hilton looks like the dress was made to fit her. White is not an easy colour to pull off, my advice to Cammack would be: maybe try black next time.

Shakira (singer) and Pink (singer)

Not only do these two have the same dress on, but they also wore it on the same night (2009 MTV VMAs). As for who wore it better, I'm undecided. I like the way Shakira matched the dress with boots, it gives it a very edgy and sexy look. At the same time, I adore Pink in her black heels and anklet, giving her a very feminine feel.

Stella McCartney (designer) and Joanna Lumley (actress)

McCartney, as always, looks great in her own design; and why shouldn't she, since she's the one who created this dress. I'm not too fond of Lumley's matching with leggings, I feel like the solid black makes the dress pop out a lot more, as opposed to the softer look on McCartney. Also, Lumley is wearing the belt a lot thinner, wide belts are always the way to go if the belt is going around your waist!

Sophia Bush (actress) and Elsa Pataky (actress)

I'm not a big fan of Gucci, but this dress does spark a little Gucci-love from deep within. I think both Bush and Pataky look great in this dress, it flatters the both of them. However, I do prefer Pataky in it, only because she's darker than Bush, and therefore the dress doesn't wash her out as it did for Bush.

Marion Cotillard (actress) and Jessica Stroup (actress)

Vivienne Westwood did a fantastic job with this dress, but who did a better ob wearing it? I would go with Cotillard. Stroup looks out of place in the dress, in my opinion, while Cotillard looks like she perfectly slipped into it.

Lauren Conrad (TV personality) and Pixie Lott (actress)

Without hesitation, Conrad look so much better in this Moschino dress. Lott looks like a new car seat covered in plastic, and the bottom of her dress looks wilted. Conrad pulls it off beautifully because the top of the dress is hugging her figure, and the bottom of the dress is more "alive".

Katherine Jenkins (singer) and Kelly Ripa (TV host)

Jenkins wins this round, the purple Victoria Beckham dress really flatters her. Another reason I like Jenkins in the dress more is that her figure fills the dress out. Her curves make the dress look so much better. Ripa looks the same way a plastic skeleton in a biology lab would look if a bunch of high school kids decided to put a dress on it for fun. Harsh, but it had to be said.

Victoria Beckham (designer) and Elle Macpherson (model)

Although Beckham designed this dress, I don't particularly like it on her as much as I like it on MacPherson. I think it has to do with the curves, once again. MacPherson's body fills out the dress and gives it a very "womanly" look. Beckham needs to take a trip down to McDonalds and get herself a few cheeseburgers (I love her, but sometimes you just need to be real).

Freida Pinto (actress) and Sophia Hesketh (socialite)

I think they both look equally great in this Christopher Kane dress. The dress in itself is stunning, and both women pulled it off from head to toe. I do like it a little bit more on Hesketh, though, just because she matched it with ankle boots, giving the outfit a slight edge over Pinto's.

Doutzen Kroes (model) and Zoe Saldana (actress)

Showing off an Azzedine Alaia deisgn, Saldana takes it to a whole new level. Kroes looks good, but that's about it, there's nothing outstanding about her in the dress. It just looks like it fits better on Saldana, from the top part of the dress which just falls loosely down, to the mid-section of the dress where it's hugging her waist, to the bottom of the dress which shows off a playful side of her.

Kristin Scott Thomas (actress) and Duffy (singer)

Hands down, Thomas looks so much better and so much classier in this Yves Saint Laurent dress than Duffy does. Duffy looks like she's heading to a wrestling match, the dress doesn't look good short, and it definitely doesn't work for her. Thomas looks very elegant and, well, pretty.

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