Monday, 29 March 2010

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer 2010

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer is the genius way in which the fashion industry, namely the CFDA, have responded to the issue of breast cancer awareness. Along with raising awareness, it raises funds for breast cancer research and care for patients with breast cancer, among other things.

The 2010 Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign was launched today, with Kylie Minogue (who fought a battle against breast cancer herself) as the face of this year’s campaign. Claudia Schiffer and Sienna Miller will also be in this year’s campaign.

Additionally, FTBC makes it fun to be a part of this charity. Why, you ask? Well, because now we can fight cancer with fashion. A number of high street stores have picked certain articles of clothing to be a part of the FTBC collection. All of the money that these pieces bring in goes toward the charity. There are some very cute pieces at affordable prices, so for whoever is able I really encourage you to go out and buy yourself something. I am personally going to try and find the “love to love” vest top from TopShop.

Here is the FTBC collection for 2010:

So, if it's as easy as purchasing one of these items then why not? Show your support by going shopping. You'll feel good for contributing to the cause, as well as feeling good because you just went shopping! Help spread awareness about breast cancer, someone in the world's loved one is fighting it as we speak.

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