Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Hot or Not: Spring/Summer 2010 Accessories

With a new season come new designs in the fashion industry. This means that the Spring/Summer 2010 collections are finally here. While clothes are always fun to look at, I would like to take the time to look at this season’s new accessory collections.

So, what’s hot and what’s not this season?


While I absolutely love Chanel’s classic collection, I have to say that I’m extremely turned off by this bag. I don’t know if it’s the tweed, or the odd colours of silk, but to me the combination is screaming “DISASTER”.

Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci

I don’t know if it’s because I have a slight obsession with all things metallic (specifically gold and silver) but this bag is on my top ten for this season’s collections. It seems simple at the first glance, but its shape is unusual, which is what caught my eye. I also really like the texture of this bag.

Lara Bohnic

This bag definitely goes on my hot list. The shape is interesting, and the design is interesting. It kind of looks like a sac-style purse, that’s been opened up like a flower. Gold and black are always the classy colour choices. It’s just a great bag that can be carried around night or day.

Yves Saint Laurent

This bag is far too plain for me, and brown is not the best colour to choose when you’re going plain. I guess it’s practical in the sense that it can be matched with a lot of different things, and would be great when going for the simple look. I personally find it just plain boring.

Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere

Although I am not a big fan of yellow (or straw, for that matter) I have to admit that I actually really like this bag. You have the classic Balenciaga mirror on the side, mixed with a very fresh, very young, and very spring/summer look. Maybe I’ll reconsider yellow this season.

Charlotte Olympia

I’m going to be extremely harsh with this shoe. I don’t like the colour or the print. And I definitely don’t like the platform. I’m very short (5 foot, to be exact) so I’m all for massive heels and cute or classy platforms that help me pull off a significant height. However, these just look tacky to me.


Usually when people say “Fendi” to me, I automatically think of their purses, and how much I don’t like their prints. I guess they’re better off designing shoes, because this one is beautiful. The pastel pink is perfect with this season’s trends, and the tulle gives it such a soft and feminine look. I would say this is definitely a must-have.


I think it might be the gold this time, but I actually like this design. I’m not usually a big fan of open toe heels that lace up at the front, but this is one of those designs that seem like it would look stunning when worn. My mind put them on my feet, along with cute brown shorts and a beige top… I think I found myself a new pair of shoes!

Lucy Hutchings

PEARLS! I have an unhealthy obsession with pearls, so oversized pearls will have a certain effect on me. I think this necklace is stunning, and if I can get my hands on it I would buy it without hesitation. It perfectly combines classy and chic, which is my favorite look for young women, and mixes silver and gold which are my two favorite “fashion colours”. I think it’s quite obvious that I am unbelievably in love with this necklace.

Pamela Love (at Liberty)

Not too fond of skulls, I have one faux-bijoux skull necklace which is miniature (so it just looks like a tiny ball of sparkle) and I barely wear it. This ring is not only a skull, but it’s a bird skull. I think my opinion on this ring is quite clear… not a fan.

Dolce & Gabbana

Once again, the combination of silver, gold, and pearls, with one extra ingredient: busy! Some may look at this necklace and think “way too much going on there”, but I love the mess of it. This is perfect for dressing up a plain dress or shirt. All in all, pretty brilliant.

Look out for more of this seasons newest designs! 

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