Sunday, 13 June 2010

Tribute Top and Getting Ready For Fall

I was in Saifi Village yesterday, and I decided to look around at the stores. When in Cream, I found this really cute thing they were doing, where they had some really nice tank tops with flags of different countries on them for the World Cup. Amidst those tank tops, I found another one I really liked… and so had to pick up. It’s a white tank top with the British flag on it, and on the flag it says “Tribute to McQueen”. I absolutely adored it, tried it on, and adored it even more. The nice thing about it is that it’s not a standard tank top, and therefore can be worn in different ways to create different looks. It can even be worn as bar casual, or dressed up for a chilled out lounge. Here it is!

I also picked up British Vogue, and saw that regardless of the scorching heat outside, designers already released their pre-collections for fall, and I am going to share the new (or recycled) trends for fall 2010.

Seeing Red…
No, they’re not talking about a deep blood-red, we’re talking about bright, flashy, red carpet-red. It’s back for the colder seasons, and even brighter than ever. I think everyone should own something red this Fall, this way we can all contribute by adding colour to the dark tones of Fall and Winter.
Michael Kors


Pull Them Up…
High-waist trousers are still in, so don’t throw them out just yet! I remember very clearly when I would refuse to wear anything but my low-rise jeans, specifically the ones that had only one button. Now, most of my pants are high-waist. What’s the plus side of high-waist trousers? They give you length.

At Ease…
One more thing that doesn’t need to be stashed in the back of your closet this Fall: the Military trend. It’s back, and it looks like it’s going to make quite a statement. The jackets, the pencil skirts, the earthy colours… I love them! So if you missed out on the trend last time, here’s your chance to sport the look before it dies out for another 9 years.
 Burberry Prorsum


Roll Them Down…
You better wear your miniskirts every day of this summer, because come fall, they’re not the skirts to be sporting. This fall, it’s the midi length that’s going to be taking over the fashion scene. I know this length doesn’t suit everyone, especially someone who’s my height, but there are ways to pull it off. Note to all my short girls out there: when it comes to midi length skirts, bu6y the pencil skirts, not the loose ones. Buy the high-waist skirts, not the regular ones. And finally, never leave the house without your heels if you’ve decided to wear a midi skirt!
Bottega Veneta

Alberta Ferretti

Jungle Fever…
Unfortunately for me, Leopard Prints are back. I have never owned anything with leopard print, and I doubt I will be doing so any time soon. I usually give in to trends shortly after I’ve seen enough of them to grow fond of them, but my fashion sense will definitely be putting up a fight with this one. From what I’ve seen so far, I’m not that impressed.
Emilio Pucci


Now that we've followed the fashion industry's rules, and took a quick look at what's in store for Fall, the next few posts will be dedicated to summer, as I'm sure we are all feeling the heat at the moment.

"Happy, happy fashion - there is not much more to it than that." - Marc Jacobs

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