Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Celebrity Focus: Lady Gaga. News on McQueen's label.

For a while now, I’ve been trying to avoid talking about Lady Gaga when it comes to fashion. The reason behind this is that sometimes I’m not even sure if I like what she’s wearing, or if I think it’s absolutely horrible. However, Gaga is showing up more and more on the news because of her fashion sense, and the Brit Awards in February were the starting factor of me considering finally taking on Lady Gaga’s fashion. So here I am, and here are the dresses:

I decided to start with this outfit, as it was the most simple out of all the ones I picked out. I really like it; I love the low v-neckline and the very fresh pink. The shoes provide the dark, solid colour needed to break the pink, making sure that it’s not too overwhelming. So far, so good for Ms. Gaga.

Although this dress has the basic structure of the previous, including the low neckline and hints of the same pink colour, I am not a fan of this outfit at all. I’m not sure if she was trying to look cute by wearing a Muppet head, but it just looks a bit frightening to me.

Since we’re on the topic of frightening, here’s another one. It’s great that Lady Gaga is unconventional when it comes to fashion, and that she does really well when trying to make a statement. But bondage? Really? Maybe the dress would look alright, but that mask makes her looks like a potential serial killer.

Frightening outfit number 3 consists of a ‘hair-skirt’. First of all, the dress looks like it’s cutting all circulation from her upper body… someone needs to make sure her dress fits before wearing it out in public. Secondly, the hair is really creepy. This isn’t even creative; this just makes my skin crawl.

I really like this dress. I love the origami feel of it. Now this is a bold, statement that I am glad Lady Gaga made, because she pulls it off and looks fabulous without looking plain and boring. This is the Lady Gaga that I would like to see more of.

This outfit confuses me. She looks like she’s naked, and someone wrapped her in bubble-wrap to save her the embarrassment of being nude on stage. I’m not too fond of this one. Some may look at it as art, but to me it just looks like Gaga was trying too hard to shock the world with her outfit.

For some reason, every time I see this picture, I get an image of Chanel’s little black dress. I’m not trying to compare Lady Gaga’s style to Chanel though. It’s just that to me, this picture looks like a more modern spin-off of the traditional Chanel cocktail dress. Very nicely done.

I am absolutely loving this outfit on Gaga. It just oozes this rock star feeling. I think she carries herself really well in this, despite the fact that it’s quite plain compared to the rest of her wardrobe. Sometimes it’s alright to go simple.

I am actually not going to comment on her dress here, because it looks like something anyone would choose to wear, but her hair. The hair looks like it’s ready for appetizers to be put on top of it and served to the audience. I got used to Lady Gaga tying her hair into a bow, but this is too much for me to get used to.

Who wouldn’t want an outfit that shot flames out of the chest? But that’s not the worst part of the dress, moving downwards, it disturbs me how little this outfit covers. Gaga, very few of us are interested in seeing what you’re willing to show, please put it away.

As if that was bad, this is the outfit that drove me to put Lady Gaga in the spotlight for this post. The infamous outfit worn to the Brit Awards. This outfit is obviously trying to make a statement as a response to people gossiping about Lady Gaga being a man. Alright Gaga, we believe that you’re a real woman, head to toe. Honestly, she needs to save a little something for the imagination.

Also, I just thought it would be interesting to mention this: I’ve heard a lot of people comparing Lady Gaga to Christina Aguilera, calling her a Christina look-alike. But has no one else noticed how similar she looks to Judith Light (Who’s the Boss)?

For some closing news, for those of you who didn’t already know, Alexander McQueen’s replacement has been announced. His long-time colleague of 12 years, Sarah Burton, will be taking over the McQueen label. When rumors first surfaced about who his replacement was going to be, I was definitely rooting for Ms Burton, as she had been around McQueen the most, and would definitely do a good job in carrying on with the label.

Also, if you enjoyed my Celebrity Focus post, you’ll be glad to know that I am going to post a Celebrity Focus piece every Tuesday and Thursday, picking different celebrities each time. If you didn’t enjoy the post, however, let me know in the comment box so as to avoid me boring away any readers that I have!

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Alien said...

They're actually saying that Christina Aguilera is copying Gaga, which is true to a certain extent (the outfit in her "not myself tonight" gaga had worn somewhere).

On to Lady Gaga, at the beginning I thought her style was fun and different. And then the Kermit dress happened, and I was speechless.
It is NEVER ok to kill a million muppets for a hideous dress, it is in no way considered "edgy" "stylish" "fierce" (or any other adjective), it is considered "HIDEOUS" "disgusting" "horrifying" and just cruel.

Every time I see another one of her crazy outfits, I kinda dislike her more (the heeless shoe encounter and the 9747 inch platform boots when she fell), it's completely pointless and she's trying WAY too hard.