Monday, 14 June 2010

Surviving The Heat In Style

Summer is here, that’s for sure. How do we know this? because of the scorching heat outside. Now, the one thing that I’ve noticed is that it’s easier to play around with your fashion sense during the colder seasons, because you’re able to layer and add bits and bobs to things. When it comes to summer though, I feel like I want to be wearing the least possible amount of garments on me, because it is far too hot. Due to this, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to finding ways to look good in summer while still saving ourselves from suffering in the heat.

We all know the essentials for summer: shorts, shorts, shorts! But shorts can get quite boring eventually. Luckily, fashion doesn’t really leave room for boring. I am going to show you how to use the simplest things to your advantage, in order to save from looking plain every day.

Summer Scarves
Who said that scarves should only be worn in the cold? As long as you pick the right scarf, you’ll have the perfect accessory for the summer. A light, colourful scarf will bring life to the plain old tank top and shorts look. It’s an easy look to get, just throw the scarf on and you’re set!

Both available at Topshop

As we all know, sunglasses have become a fashion accessory. They add brilliantly to an outfit, especially when there’s something striking about them. Pick up a pair in a unique colour, or mirror lens sunglasses, or even ones that are just big. They can also later be used as a hair accessory when pulled up, so it’s pretty much a win-win situation!
Dolce & Gabbana
Ray Ban

Big, bold brooches make a huge difference. If you’re wearing a plain tank top and shorts, you can just place the brooch somewhere on the top or even shorts (Don’t just place it at the top where people usually place their brooches, place it somewhere different, like at the bottom or on the pocket of your shorts). This gives a very funky feel to the outfit.

 Both available at Topshop

This season, the sandals I have been seeing are far from the standard sandals we were used to. This is perfect, because they really do liven up an outfit. Get yourself a pair of sandals that are different to what you would usually wear, trust me, they’ll look great and they’ll add amazingly to whatever you’re wearing.
Kurt Geiger

I’ll leave it at that for now. I hope you all enjoyed this!

"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to change it every 6 months" - Oscar Wilde

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