Thursday, 19 August 2010

Ramadan: The Worst Time To Shop!

As it's Ramadan, you have two choices of when to go shopping. You can either go between 10:00am and 4:00pm. Or wait until 8:30pm onwards. I made the mistake of heading out to The Avenues Mall at 9:00pm last night.

My first stop was Forever 21. It was a pleasant surprise after the disappointment it was in February. I didn't come out with the usual 5 bags or more, but I did manage to properly fill up at least one shopping bag. You do have to look very carefully, because a lot of the good pieces are hidden between a mass of really unattractive pieces.

After my semi-successful buys in Forever 21, I continued on to other stores. Topshop, River Island, Express, and much more were filled with great clothes, shoes and accessories. Unfortunately, because of how crowded the mall was, I actually fell out of my shopping mood, which almost never happens!

Unfortunately I didn't have my camera on my yesterday. So imagine this scene, but minus being able to actually see the floor!

I have therefore made the decision to never go shopping in the evening during Ramadan, because instead of retail therapy, you just get even more stressed out. It was horrible. This is why I am leaving my shopping for Friday and Saturday morning. There were so many great pieces, but the crowded mall completely put me off shopping.

I sat down at Paul to calm down from the near breakdown caused by the masses pushing their way through the mall. Although I'm not that big a fan of Paul in Beirut, I really enjoyed it here! I don't know why, but somehow it seems that I never know what to order in Beirut, yet as soon as I sit down at Paul here, I know exactly what to get.

In short, the stores are filled with great clothes people, so make a shopping date as soon as you can. And if you're in Kuwait, for your own safety and sanity, refrain from shopping in the evening during Ramadan!!!

Here are the things that I picked up from Forever 21.

I found this ring and could not help buying it. It looked very unique, I loved it. They kind of reminded me of brass knuckles!

Remember: shopping is supposed to be relaxing! Don't make it a chore.


A Bare Truth said...

Don't go on sunday afternoon. i made the mistake. It took me forever to park. The place was so packed, I decided to cut my losses short and leave....

L.H. said...

Honestly, it's hard to determine when the perfect time would be to go!

But thanks for the tip, I appreciate it !!