Monday, 30 August 2010

Forgive Me Fashion, For I Have Sinned

It's been a while since I've posted anything, but that's only because I was working hard on breaking the ban, and I actually managed to lift it before the week was over!

Alright, first off, the cafes. The nicest cafe I sat at since I posted last was Supreme Cafe at the Freezone near Villa Moda. Wow. It was absolutely beautiful. First off, there were barely any other people there, which was great because you could actually hold a conversation with someone without yelling across the table. Secondly, the view was beautiful, the cafe is completely glass and you have a gorgeous sea view in front of you. I didn't have my camera on me, but I'm going to try and go back to that area today (all the cafes there have the same view) and I'll be sure to have my camera with me.

Another good one was Lino's Cafe in The Avenues. I like the fact that when you ordered a small drink, it actually looked like a small drink, and not a small one on steroids! I always have trouble finishing my drinks, so this place was perfect for me. It's located on the top floor at the very end of the mall, so it's away from all the crowds and the noise. If you haven't already noticed, I'm not a fan of crowded coffee shops!

On to the shopping!

I bought a couple of things from Express when I was at The Avenues. The reason that I like Express is that they have some simple pieces that can be worn everyday, but at the same time they're not too basic, there's always something about them that makes them look a little different than the plain old t-shirt.

I love the sleeves on this top, and fit so nicely that I got it in black as well.

Again, it was the sleeves that drew me to this top.

Although I have a closet full of boots, I really needed a new comfortable pair to wear to university. Heels show no mercy when your university is built on a hill.

I went a little crazy when I was at Villa Moda. I'm not going to talk about it too much, I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

I know that this looks like a summer colour, but I figured that it would be great in the winter when I'm dressed almost completely in black, it'll add some colour to my outfit.
Yves Saint Laurent

As you can see, I've been limiting my purchases, but that's only so that it doesn't look like I'm buying too much. I just keep going back every other day to pick up the next 3 pieces. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be going back to 360 Mall to pick up a skirt that I really liked.

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