Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Stolen Jewelry & the Re-Opening of Starch

I know it's late, but here's a quick review of H&M: it was horrible. I wasn't able to find anything! I guess people are hitting the stores faster than I am these days.

Starch was a boutique in Saifi Village which focuses on Lebanese designers and their collections. Today, they're re-opening with a list of new designers with new collections!

Here are a list of the designers:


"Emily Cremona" by Deena Wassef & Rouba Mouawad
Nadine Mneimneh
Racha El Abbas


Rana Mikdashi

Bags & Accessories:

"Margherita" by Ghita Abi Hanna


Najla El Zein

On a different note, the jewelry designer Rana Mikdashi's collection was stolen yesterday. Two people on a motorbike snatched it. She will still be presenting her jewelry, but keep an eye out for the stolen pieces, here's the link to her work: Rana Mikdashi's Jewelry

So, for whoever is interested, the re-opening will take place in Saifi Village, on the same street as Cream. And it goes from 5 to 8 this evening. Enjoy!

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