Friday, 8 October 2010

Rain, Rain.. Chill Out!

I had every intention of checking out Crown Outlets yesterday.. but I didn't. And I have an explanation!

I was planning on heading down at 1, right after my classes, because I know for a fact that if I get home and get comfortable, I definitely wouldn't be in the mood to walk over there.

As I was walking out of LAU at 1, I felt a slight drizzle of rain, which kind of discouraged me from continuing the walk down, so I detoured to my house. Good thing I did too, otherwise I would have been stuck there until about 3!!

I might pass by Crown Outlets today though, but first I'm going to be in Beirut Souks.

Once again, my cousin spotted something he thought I might like in Beirut Souks. (I should really make him my "fashion hunter", haha).

What did he spot? Nike High-tops for women! I've been trying to get myself a pair of trainers, but they always look too big on my because I'm quite short, yet my shoe size is slightly larger than would be expected. Also, skinny jeans don't help. I figured though, high-tops are bulky from the bottom and the top, so it might balance it out. I'll be checking those out today, and hopefully find a pair for me! These are what they generally look like, for those who don't know:

Also, I haven't forgotten about Ctrl+Z Designs. I've picked out all the pieces that I want, all that's left is to contact Chahine. The reason I delayed this is because, if I have time, I might try and swing by Lunatic in Monot today. This way I can just buy them on the spot rather than go through the whole ordering process.

Let's hope it doesn't rain on me today!

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