Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Ctrl+Z Designs

While going to fetch us some goodies from Sugar Daddy's to satisfy our sugar cravings, my cousin noticed some funky jewelry in the window, and brought back a business card for me to check out.

(Excuse the webcam quality)

Naturally, living in an internet-dominated world, I looked for the business' page on Facebook.

According to the page I found (and the card) Ms. Zinab Chahine is responsible for the very unique jewelry I was going through on their photo page. It is a home business, and according to her "everything is very affordable". She also offers custom designs for those who would like it, and everything is handmade.

I personally really liked the jewelry, I will definitely be buying some very soon (I am picking out the pieces I want as I type). The jewelry holds a lot of Arab culture in it, mostly Lebanese culture but includes a lot of different Arab elements in the designs as well, which is what caught my attention. I love holding on to a little bit of my culture, but seeing it interpreted in a new and different way, which is exactly what I saw in these designs.

Since it is a home business, you will have to contact Chahine in order to make arrangements for purchasing. The jewelry is also available at a store called Lunatic in Monot (it is no longer being displayed at Sugar Daddy though). The contact details are on Facebook, but I'll give them to you here as well:

E-mail: ctrl.z.design@hotmail.com
Phone: 03 610 436

Click here to see photos of the jewelry on Facebook.

I'll be doing a follow up review about the jewelry when I buy my own, so stay tuned for more!!

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