Monday, 1 November 2010

Sandra J: From Beirut to Kuwait

Usually my blog posts would target readers in Kuwait when I'm back in Kuwait, and readers in Lebanon while I'm here in Beirut. Well today's an exception, this one is for all the readers in Kuwait!

Sandra J. offers a variety of handbags, luggage, flats, laptop bags, wallets, bracelets, etc. and is usually found in Kulte, Verdun and Cream, Saifi Village. You can also find their products in Paris and Geneva.

For those living in Kuwait who are interested in these products, good news! Sandra J. is now available in Kuwait!

You can find them at Galleria 2000, boutique N.11 in Salmiya!

Check it out!


N. said...

really i dont know what's the fuss about sandra J. they're clearly a cheap chanel imitation.

L.H. said...

I love their bright colours. Also, a lot of handbag designers are using the Chanel design. It's just in fashion, they don't have to be compared. xx

A Bare Truth said...

i am appaled at how untalented she is as a bag designer. She is just a copycat. I love to see new designers that offers something new and unique.

L.H. said...

Maybe she's just not for everyone.

Daniela Skeyki said...

Chanel is going to stay forever in our hearts, Sandra J - doubt so.

Aslan, it's really funny how every single person in Beirut wants to design .

L.H. said...

This is very interesting to me because everyone insists on comparing this person to Chanel. In reality, almost every handbag designer, local or international, that are not in the high fashion category, has adopted this Chanel style and used them.

It's only a matter of this particular style being in fashion.

I've even seen bags like that being sold in Aldo Accessories.

Chanel started the style, everyone one else is using it as a trend.

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