Friday, 2 July 2010

Bag Frenzy

It's summer, and we're all running around trying to do everything that we planned on doing.

Trips to the beach, a day of shopping, clubbing and pubbing, and of course, attending summer concerts.

I have come to find (and love) that cross body bags are the perfect accessory for girls on the go this summer. They're not as much of a hassle as your regular handbags, they're light and have room for the essentials, and they're also really cute! All you have to do is sling it across your body, and you're good. You have both of your hands free, and easy access to all your stuff as the bag lies perfectly on your side.

That is why I am stocking up on them at the moment, and I think all of you should do the same.


Louis Vuitton

River Island


Also, another shopping guide for Beirut will be posted very soon. It's possible that I'm going to head out to do that tomorrow, so keep checking up for it!

"I love clothes and fashion more than music." 
- Roberto Cavalli


Katnani said...

Wow, the first bag is GORGEOUS!!!

Alien said...

*melts* those bags are beautiful.
I really like the ruffly topshop one, the colour is gorgeous.